1. Caffeine and Cannabinoids in Hoosick Falls
Sarah Heikkinen speaks with the entrepreneurs behind the Hoosick Falls cafe looking to destigmatize cannabis.

2. Crown Fried Chicken brings the Bronx to Troy

Owner Nazir of Halal Palace at Troy Kitchen opened a fried chicken spot in the food court lounge early this year, which now shares a space with Dumplings. Photo: Eddie Quinn

3. Vegan cravings satisfied at Berben & Wolff’s 

Celebrating the indulgent, cruelty free menu of the vegan deli that expanded its wholesale and opened up a new Troy location this year. Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

4. Years of experimentation lead Josh Coletto to Nighthawks 

The fresh, innovative farm-to-table Troy spot with punk beginnings. Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

5. Walt & Whitman in Saratoga

An early sneak peek at the beer hall and coffee house that has taken over the downtown Saratogian building of Saratoga Springs.

6. Creatives Under 40: Josh Coletto 

The man behind the ever-shifting chalkboard menu of Nighthawks combining a wide-ranging host of local food.

7. With new leadership Albany Wine & Dine dishes up more art

A sneak peek at the three-day January 2020 festival–which includes tastings, contests, demonstrations and a gala–that will feature far more art than ever before.

8. Creativity, family and fun fuel Graham’s Coffee parlor

Katryn Malen has made Graham’s Graham’s more than just another place to get coffee. Photo: Richard Lovrich

9. Leah Penniman on ‘Farming While Black’

Penniman, of Grafton’s Soul Fire Farm, published her first book as a culmination of her 20 years in the field, teaching and working with black and indigenous farmers. Photo: Jamel Mosely – Mel eMedia.

10. Primo Botanica crafts unique chocolate creations 

Oliver Holecek’s chocolate business is dedicated to playing with both daring and traditional flavors to compliment his ethically sourced bars. Photo: Katie Cusack