1. Body image in dance: How corrections informed by anatomy can empower

Columnist Nadine Medina writes how teaching young dancers about the strength of their anatomy can curb sensitive body image issues. Photo: Richard Lovrich

2. Nadine Medina choreographs to local beats

We follow Troy Dance Factory’s Nadine Medina for the first of her series of choreography classes set to songs by Capital Region musicians. Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

3. People Who Move targets the accessible and intentional art of dance

Anna Pillot, Artistic Director and Choeographer of the new local dance company
People Who Move (a program of eba). Photo: Richard Lovrich

4. Emerging Choreographers Project provides space for fresh, local dance

Laura Teeter and Damon Honeycutt rehearse “All Has Been Recorded,” Teeter’s piece that premiered at the Emerging Choreographers Project showcase of 2019.

5. Creatives under 40: Choreographer Nadine Medina

The owner of Troy Dance Factory and artistic director of the new company Synergia Dance Project was celebrated for her work ethic, vision and student encouragement.

6. Dance and performance art converge at the Festival at Jacob’s Pillow

The nation’s largest and longest running international dance festival continued this year with new works and important anniversary pieces.

7. Stephen Petronio, Jozef Van Wissem on their collaborative dance piece with Jim Jarmusch

Stephen Petronio Company performed works by Merce Cunningham at Hudson Hall for the artists’ centennial as well as “American Landscapes,” Petronio’s new collaborative piece with musician Jozef Van Wissem and famed filmmaker and musician Jim Jarmusch.

8. The value of learning to improvise

Choreographer Nadine Medina reflects on the terrifying and self-reflective practice of improvisation.

9. Raw honesty: Creating from a scary place

With “Dark Blue Sea,” Nadine Medina drew upon intensely personal experience to produce a thoughtful and connective performance.

10. The power of destructive thoughts in dance

Nadine Medina writes about confronting and dismantling negative self-talk.