1. Ben Stiller appears at film conference in Albany
Photo by Richard Lovrich.

2. Local filmmaker to be featured on El Rey network

“I’m not going to say my biggest influence is Kurosawa or something,” Micah Khan.

3. With “Cradle” Prince Sprauve was reborn in his work

“I don’t care if the movie was shot on an iPhone, if it’s a good story people will watch,” Prince Sprauve. Photo by Richard Lovrich.

4. HBO casting locals for “Succession”

5. Troy’s Jared Balog makes horror look good

 “People at a movie theatre think I’m a psycho because I will view some gruesome effect and then burst out laughing. It just makes me deliriously happy to see cool work,” Jared Balog.

6. HBO filming ‘Plot Against America’ at The Lumberyard

7. What drew a horror film shoot to The Lumberyard in Catskill

“We had seen pictures but pictures are always better than reality. We got there and we’re very surprised they had all the amenities we needed and more,” Eric Wolf Consoliazio.

8. Merchant Ivory partnership focus of UAlbany alum’s documentary

9. Can Martin Sheen life curse on local documentary?

“I sometimes think that I have been cursed by George Washington,” Tom Mercer.

10. Local documentarians tell story of beleaguered Florida town

“Instead of racing to the finish line, now we have the ability to make the film we want to make,” Bhawin Suchak.