Image thanks to HBO. 

A major HBO miniseries is using The Lumberyard in Catskill as its home base in the region as it films across three counties.  The Plot Against America Adapted from Philip Roth’s alternate history novel that tells the story of an America where a Nazi sympathizer defeats Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940 the series stars  Winona Ryder, John Turturro, and Zoe Kazan. David Simon of The Wire is writing and producing. 

A horror film starring Jud Hirsch filmed at arts center’s soundstage earlier this year. 

According to representatives of The Lumberyard HBO’s production team for the miniseries arrived on Sept. 26th and will be stationed at Lumberyard through October 2. The crew will shoot in Greene, Ulster and Delaware County. Lumberyard is also home to a carpentry shop, dressing room and dressing shop for the production.  

“Working with an established outfit like HBO is an extremely exciting milestone for Lumberyard as we look to attract more productions and expand our economic impact here Catskill,” said Adrienne Willis, Executive and Artistic Director of Lumberyard in a statement. “The Hudson Valley can replicate a diverse range of scenery – from main streets to quaint lakesides and everything in between – all while imparting the benefits of New York’s competitive Film Tax Credit Program. We hope that our role as a Qualified Production Facility can continue to raise Greene County’s stock as a go-to destination for film and TV productions.”

Joe Guest, line producer for the show said in a statement: “It’s been a great experience working with Lumberyard. “Our work in upstate New York is complex, with a challenging schedule; to be able to base our operations at a quality production facility like Lumberyard has been tremendous and has made our work easier.” said Joe Guest, Line Producer for The Plot Against America. “We’ve used the facility to support a diversity of production demands, including our set dressing, costumes, scenic and construction departments.”