Kiki Vassilakis photographed this year’s Lark Fest, taking place on Lark Street in Albany Sept. 21. In true form for one of the last days of summer, the street festival went down in a toasty 80-plus degree heat and was packed with attendees and vendors.







Thanks to the booking team at Lark Street BID, the lineup of artists for this year’s festival was so packed with local favorites that it had their prospective audiences running back and forth to catch as many sets as possible, flocking “backstage” after performances to meet, chat and take photos with acts like Johnny 2 Phones, headlining act Prince Daddy & The Hyena, The Clay People and KATANI. The raptivist duo characteristically closed their set sharing the importance of consent—particularly when in concentrated spaces like Lark Fest and when approaching artists off stage—and commending the diversity in this year’s lineup, reminding their audience to continue speaking up about representation they want to see in future city events. TOP Nachos started an inexplicable petition to rename the event Shark Fest 2019, which was supported by Bear Grass. Johnny 2 Phones surprised his audience with a guest appearance from rising star Souly Had and his Entréband cohort Mostly Everything for their shared track “21.” Both artists took over the stage for tracks of their own during 2 Phones’ dynamic act that included an audience dance contest. The audience demographic shifted a bit in generation and genre for The Clay People, who followed, sending their grungy metal guitar tones reverberating up and down the street. Prince Daddy closed the day with a rollicking punk set complete with crowd surfing and circle pits. We’re already looking forward to next year. 

The Black Electric





Ryan Leddick




Pink Nois ft. Thai




DSKO Vinylworks at Pint Sized






Safety Meeting





TOP Nachos





Full Body





Bear Grass










Johnny 2 Phones, Souly Had, Mostly Everything 














The Clay People










Prince Daddy & The Hyena