Photos: Kiki Vassilakis

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter/producer Nandi Rose Plunkett a.k.a. Half Waif dropped a new music video today, Jan. 28, “Ordinary Talk,” featuring a cast of Troy musicians, artists, filmmakers and photographers. The video release came with the announcement of her forthcoming record The Caretaker. The album will be released March 27 via ANTI Records, her first release since 2018’s Lavender.

Shot in December, the video was filmed in Troy at the Green House Mansion, a 165-year-old downtown brownstone, and directed by Troy filmmaker and musician Kenna Hynes.

Hynes has toured and worked with with Half Waif extensively over the past few years, making video work for the artist that includes Lavender’s “Ocean Scope.” Hynes has also worked as a cinematographer on documentary and music videos for bands such as Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Ratboys and more.

Troy writer Angela Sheil was the set producer for “Ordinary Talk” and Troy’s Chromoscope Pictures’ Zach Durocher (cinematographer), Nick Spadaro (grip, electric and color) and Jamie Spaulding (1st assistant director) assisted Hynes in filming.

Half Waif and her crew pulled in a cast of backup dancers for the final day of shooting, which included Troy artists such as Candy Ambulance’s Jesse Bolduc, Joan Kelsey’s Silver Lining’s Jonah Kelsey, Greens’ Alex Brooks and artists Kam and Toni Nastasi. The video also featured The Collaborative‘s own Katie Cusack, Hudson writer Sammy Maine, New York City makeup artist Dana Akashi, Buffalo musician Emily Finlan among others, as well as musician Nick Levine, set choreographer Hanna Garner of NYC’s 2nd Best Dance Company and Tess McQueen. Celina Carney, on wardrobe, was on the fantastic clothing coordination on set.

Led by the direction of Hynes, camera work of Chromoscope, smooth and graceful choreography of Garner and design of Carney and Akashi, the featured artists had an opportunity to take part in an extremely professional, high quality and, ultimately, beautiful work of art. See it here:

Plus, go behind the scenes of the day onset, thanks to photographer Kiki Vassilakis.

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