“Feel Me” is a sensory show at Collar Works in Troy featuring immersive pieces, curated by Kelsey Renko, by artists and contributors Nicole Bull, Courtney Dudley, Becca Van K, Juyon Lee, Ana Loor, Lil’ Debs Oasis, Goldie Poblador, Adam Tinkle and Yesfolk Tonics. On display through Oct. 12, viewers are invited to explore tactile arts in order to continue changing how we experience an exhibition through physical involvement of all the senses. 

Take part in upcoming events at Collar Works involving “Feel Me,” such as an evening of sound with ‘Feel Me’ artist Adam Tinkle and friends on Sept. 27, 5–8 PM or the Collard Greens Dinner + Dialogue: TASTE ME on Oct. 5, 6–9 PM. Tickets are required for TASTE ME ($35).