SPAC on Stage Red Baraat 

Described by NPR as “a Brooklyn-based ensemble that makes heart-pounding, insanely infectious music. The band is particularly known and loved for its unforgettable live performances,” SPAC is the place to be tonight. 

@SPAC, Saratoga | 8 PM | $40, $50 

Speaking of NPR, check out the band’s Tiny Desk Concert. 

Museum Mondays at The Hyde

This is the last Monday of the season The Hyde will be open for visitors. Start your week by taking in the works of master artists like Renoir and Picasso or investigate “From the Rooftops” John Sloan and the Art of new Urban Space. 

@The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls | until 5 PM | $12 

Super Dark Collective Summerfest II 

Eternal Crimes, The Abyssmals, Material Girls, Cindy Cane and more. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of grime, glam and Goth punk bands for a price that can’t be beat. FREE! 

@Desperate Annies, Saratoga | 8 PM | Free


Another Michael Bruiser and Bicycle 

Beer, books and top-notch local musicians.  Check out our story on Bruiser’s evolution and latest album. 

@Spotty Dog Books & Ale, Hudson | 7 PM | 


Empire State Plaza Art Collection Tour 

Get a peek at all the treasures the state is hoarding. Art critics have called the collection “the greatest collection of modern American art in any single public site that is not a museum.” Thanks Nelson Rockefeller. 

@Empire State Plaza, Albany | 1-2 PM | Free