The Soundtrack to Your Week is back this week after a hiatus due to illness and various fatigue-induced syndromes but we’re back and better than ever. If you’re dropping a track, listening to something hot, or think we should feature a classic 518 track then by all means let us know. Email us at or or blow up our various social media accounts. 

With that said, put on your headphones and buckle up. 

“Nazareth” Pink Nois 

The ultra-talented hip hop artist dropped this new beat as an ode to his hometown of New Rochelle. Along the way, he shouts out the 518 music scene and local artists like The Age, Soo Do Koo, Laveda and Lone Phone Booth. 

“Mister Impossible” Phantogram

The folks in Phantogram are returning to Upstate Concert Hall on Aug. 31 and they’ll have at least two new songs to play. They dropped the sedated “Into Happiness” in late May and now we’ve got this bombastic, almost biblical “Mister Impossible.” Is it the best thing they’ve released since their debut? Probaby. Could a new album be far behind?

“Moral Decay” Portrayal of Guilt

Chrome will play host to a serious banger of a show with Harms Way, Portrayal of Guilt and Fuming Moth on Thursday. Luckily Portrayal have a new track to get you appropriately miserable and angry. 

“The Act” James Rock

A subtte and poppy new single from the local producer, singer-songwriter and contributor to The Collaborative is a spiraling track about heartbreak. 

“Afford” The Age

Save the date, this R&B rock god is playing Superior Merch with us again on Aug. 23 with Olivia Quillio and Greens. His latest single “Afford” is the perfect song to dance to in your room as you pine over the lover that’s a little financially out of your league. What a life. 

“Le Souvenir” Douleur Fantôme

Super Dark Collective is bringing this Montreal-based electronic darkwave duo to Saratoga this Thursday and we feel thankful. Hope you took some French in high school, but they’re just as fun to vibe to if you didn’t. Listen to their full project Foi et Travail, released this March.



A top 25 rap artists in the 518 list dropped on Facebook today and it was super exciting to see a female rapper up on the top half. We hope some more lists–challenging or supporting today’s–drop soon and share some more non-male artists dominating the genre. Dominiqua Wilkerson AKA QueenBarz or Phiyomah has the attitude and confidence to carry her through: “my bars are equipped with gasoline words / I spit straight fire it’s hittin’ you first”? Love that.