Here’s your soundtrack for the week. We’ve got locals dropping ear candy left and right and a few national acts coming to town who you need to know. Happy listening! Don’t forget to send us your tracks!

“Devil” Thai, Pink Nois

The song for your hot girl summer. Hudson Valley based rapper Thai is the hip hop track factory you never knew you needed. The catchy chorus of “Devil” will be in your head forever and the harmonies between Thai and Albany’s Pink Nois are a dream. 

“Wane” Allyson Smith 

You may recognize Albany singer-songwriter Allyson Smith from her project Cannon The Brave, maybe you’ve spotted her on guest vocals at a Low Beat show with Hospital Corners. Welcome to the first single from her new solo EP, releasing soon. It’s impeccably sweet and soft, with rugged strength and edge. There’s some powerful songwriting here, full of goosebump-raising lines like “you use phrases like a knife, me as the wrist that you slice” and beautifully dark imagery like “silhouette in street lit bones.” 

“Nineteen + Won” Charles O’More

Is this the song of the summer? (Yeah. It is.) The traditionally soulful singer Charles O’More has had a trick up his sleeve this entire time and he’s whipped out this poppy, irresistible tune that literally made my jaw drop. *Who is he?* Come see Charles break it down with a full band at Albany Distilling Co. with us on July 26 alongside Albany’s Lone Phone Booth.

“Idk” Girl Blue

Local hero Girl Blue’s new live solo EP Home Movies is intimate and cool. “Idk” happens to encapsulate the risky, dreadful feeling of the unknown. “I got a plan for my life and another for myself, I wish they knew about each other but that would make me someone else,” she sings. Listen to this track while you try to figure your shit out, Arielle is always great to commiserate with and her voice is so soothing you may just forget all your troubles…at least some. 


“Everything” Seamstress

New Jersey artist Seamstress has a way of making every sound feel heavy with meaning and importance. Everything counts. Let this one wash over you and come out to Superior Merchandise Co. in Troy on July 21 to see the artist live alongside local band Blue Ranger, Philly’s Friendship and Queens artist Lina Tullgren. 

“Little Animals” Natasha Barrett 

Natasha Barrett is known as a leading experimental musician working with Ambisonics, 3D sound, and its place in contemporary music. She’ll bring her mind-expanding performance “Electro Dream Space” to EMPAC on July 19 as part of the venue’s Spacial Audio Summer Seminar. 

“In The Pines” Thou covering Leadbelly/Nirvana

Kim Kelly organizer of anti fascist metal festival Black Flags Over Brooklyn and former editor of Vice’s Noisey site assembled a beefy compilation of artists looking to support and preserve abortion access. Our friends in Thou provided their devastating cover of “In The Pines” a song penned by Leadbelly and revived by Nirvana during their MTV Unplugged Performance. The song is worth the $5 price of admission and yet that feet also gets you 32 other tracks by artists like Emma Ruth Rundle, Woe, Heather Fortune, Ithaca and False. 


“The 4th Age” Space Cubs 

These Buffalo experimentalists woo you with their choral prowess and then disorient you with shifting song structure and weird time signatures. See them live tonight at Desperate Annie’s as part of Super Dark Monday

“Ponto de Vista” Casuarina 

These Brazilian Samba masters will play Music Haven in Schenectady’s Central Park at 7 PM on Sunday. We recommend putting on your headphones, spreading out on a blanket under the sun and sipping a Caipirinha in preparation. 


“Don’t Know Yet” Silversun Pickups 

If you’re fond of My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins you’ve probably at least dallied with SIlversun Pickups. They’re coming to Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday, and we got a chance to talk to lead singer Brian Aubert about recording their latest record with Butch vig. Checkout their big accessible single.