The Collaborative’s 2020 Creatives Under 40 (L-R): Patrick Harris, Kim Neaton, Vaceia Payne, Madison LaVallee, Joey Berben, Aaron Moore, Tony Iadicicco, Courtney Guttenberg and Casey Polomaine. This photo was taken at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis before civil authorities were limiting group gatherings
Photo Credit: Jamel Mosely
Creative Under 40 Story: By David King and Katie Cusak

The Collaborative introduces its
2nd class of Creatives Under 40

The following is a first in a series of stories profiling The Collaborative’s 2020 Creatives Under 40.

It was raining and we were on the rooftop, but no one seemed to mind. They wandered about the roof ’s edge at Collectiveffort’s 415 River St. headquarters in Troy, taking in the view of the Green Island Bridge, the mighty Hudson River and Albany’s skyline in the distance.

They all had other things on their mind. Signs were plastered everywhere warning not to touch your face, to wash your hands. To practice social distancing. And yet, our 2020 class of Creatives Under 40 were all interested in learning more about each other, and even if they already knew each other. Relationships we’re furthered, and plans made.

Fashion designer Vaceia Payne chatted with Aaron Moore. Show promoter Kim Neaton (self deprecatingly describing herself as a “music fan”) commiserated with Joey Berben of Berben and Wolff ’s and graphic designer Courtney Guttenburg of Nullvoid apparel.

With the rain pouring down they gathered together in a lineup not dissimilar from something out of a superhero movie. They looked proud, energized and undaunted by the mass of dark clouds hanging in the distance.

Next in the series: Joey Berben.