Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

There was something truly empowering about seeing the Times Union Center, normally home to the Garth Brooks and Jonas Brothers of the world, taken over by local fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists and musicians. If you’d asked us only a year ago if we’d see such a spectacle in our own backyard we would have scoffed, yet Mike Schinnerer and his team made people believe and turn the idea into something tangible. Schinerer showed that you can not only dream big in the Capital Region, but you can make it happen here, too.

“I loved how Stitched gave a stage to local designers to show off their beautiful work. Most importantly, Stitched gave up-and-coming designers a voice within an industry that is oversaturated with talent. The hard work and dedication that the fashion show broadcast will hopefully inspire more designers in the area to get involved and glow up!” said artist and The Collaborative’s resident cartoonist Jade Harrison-Warrick AKA Trash Kid.