“Black Boy Magic” JB AKA Dirty Moses

Local hip hop artist filmed the video for this affirming single to his album Libations in Troy Kitchen earlier this year. “I’m dope in real life,” is a full-on mantra. The artist will play the Summer Soul Series in Henry Johnson Park, Albany on Friday, Aug. 2.

“Bassackwards”  Kurt Vile 

I was on the moon but more so, I was in the grass / So I was chilling out but with a very drifting mind / So I was on the ground circa planet earth / But out of sorts but I snapped back, baby / Just in time to jot it down and come around.” Lose yourself in this 10-minute epic, wandering drawl to prep for Vile’s show at Skyloft tomorrow, July 30. Dont’ forget check out Katie Cusack’s interview with Vile

“Easy Killer” Olivia Quillio

Quillio’s vocal range is heart-melting. She’s got some serious skills and on “Easy Killer” they’re laid right out on the table. The musician will perform at The Berlin in Troy on July 31–and later, Aug. 23, catch her set hosted by The Collaborative along with Greens and The Age at Superior Merch.

“Water No Get Enemy” Fela Kuti 

This should put you in the mood to celebrate the life of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti at SPAC this evening


“Come Back In (Summoning Charm)” Joan Kelsey’s Silver Lining

Impossibly cozy, this folk trio almost begs to be listened to in an intimate setting. This week, you’ll get two chances to do just that. The band plays Upbeat on the Roof at The Tang on August 1 and Little Peck’s Sunday Songwriters Series in Troy, Aug. 4.

“Sooey Pig” Cherubs

Ever wonder what would have happened if Radiohead recorded The Bends with Steve Albini? This single from cult noise rock favorites Cherubs might just give us the answer. 

“Hot Shower”  Chance the Rapper 

If your going to roll down your windows and thump the bass in this weather your going to do it with this song. Chance’s new album is on fleek.