Photos: Shannon Straney (Above L-R: Alex Brooks of Greens, Michael Doherty of Another Michael during Pinegrove’s soundcheck)

On March 30, Pinegrove played a sold-out show at WAMC’s The Linda Performing Arts Center. The show sold out in seven hours following its announcement in January. Opening for the notable indie rock band were Albany’s new country-rock band Greens and Philadelphia-by-Albany alt-pop band Another Michael.  

Photographer Shannon Straney (bass, Greens) takes us behind the scenes before the show:

Soundcheck with Another Michael.


Matt Griffin (Let’s Be Leonard, Blue Ranger) techs for Pinegrove.


Dan Paoletti (keys, Greens) killing time outside of The Linda with some scratch-off tickets before the show. 


L-R: Josh Marré (slide guitar, Greens), Paoletti, Dan Maddalone (show promoter)


Alex Brooks (vocals, guitar) of Greens.


A view to The Linda’s green room between sets.


L-R: Nick Sebastiano and Jacob Crowfoot of Another Michael.


Evan Stephens Hall (vocals, guitar) of Pinegrove.


L-R: Jevan Dollard (drums) and John Mongonia (guitar) of Greens.


Pinegrove performs a sold out show at The Linda Performing Arts Center in Albany.